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Health and Nutrition Coaching

It has been a challenge to be a healthy weight ... all of my life! My family has a long history of being overweight and having heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high lipid levels --  my dad even developed  type II diabetes. So I personally can relate to nutrition and lifestyle changes on many levels.

Genetics count.  But research says lifestyle, food choices, and body weight count even MORE!  Whatever the nutrition-related issues we have, it just doesn’t pay in this day and age to ignore them and expect we will live a long and fruitful life.  Science says we can help our health along by keeping some of the disease demons at bay.



The goal of making positive BEHAVIOR changes, we hope will be permanent, and is a long-term journey and experience. Not always an easy one, but a journey in which you take control of your life’s choices and your longevity— learn new skills and outlets to be able to develop a healthier relationship with food, forever.  Check, check — I did it.

Today, I am a normal healthy body weight and find the time to exercise 5 days a week ... though I don’t always like it!

Trust me with this. My approach is unique and personal for every client.  I can assess and develop a truly manageable and reasonable lifelong nutrition and health program for you.  I’ll provide you with the most up-to-date science- and evidence-based, personalized nutrition therapy. I bridge sound knowledge with face-to-face coaching, as well as keeping in touch as the days and weeks go on. Goal: lasting behavior changes.

Eat well, because you can!

-- Ronni

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